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BIOINF 08-014: Homology-Based Annotation of Non-coding RNAs in the Genomes of <i>Schistosoma mansoni</i> and <i>Schistosoma japonicum</i>

Claudia S. Copeland, Manja Marz, Dominic Rose, Jana Hertel, Paul J. Brindley, Clara Bermudez Santana, Stephanie Kehr, Camille Stephan Otto-Attolini, Peter F. Stadler

Supplemental Figures (S1-S4)

ncRNA coordinate, sequence and structural alignment files

Coordinates are given as BED files, sequences are given as FASTA files, and structural alignments are given as STK files. You might use emacs together with RALEE to view STK files.

Schistosoma mansoni - all results: BED | FASTA

Schistosoma japonicum - all results: BED | FASTA