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    ArticleVancik, HrvojProceedings of Central European Chemical Meeting, Varazdin, Croatia 2003, Croatian Society of Chemical EngineersProceedings
    Bachelor ThesisEngelhardt, JanSoupViewer - an efficient way to analyse cluster trees 2009Bachelorarbeit
    Bachelor ThesisExner, DanielAlignments of circular sequences using CircalPP Bachelor ThesisBachelorarbeit
    Bachelor ThesisMarius BrunnertCliquen in Co.Graphen 2015Bachelorarbeit
    Bachelor ThesisRetzlaff, NancyBigramm-Alignierung und ihre Anwendung in der historischen Linguistik 2013Bachelorarbeit
    Bachelor ThesisSiebauer, MichaelModifikation des Sankoff-Algorithmus zur Homologiesuche 2008, AprilBachelorarbeit
    Book 2 mal vorhanden
    BookHomotopy Type Theory 2013, The Univalent Foundations ProgramSK 300 U58 H7
    BookAbbas, A.K. & Lichtmann, A.H.Basic Immunology - Functions and Disorders of the Immune System 2001, W.B. Saunders Comp., PhiladelphiaA 11795
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