Hochdurchsatzverfahren zur Analyse genomischer Sequenzen (Spezialvorlesung, Modul 10-202-2207)

This is a preliminary version of the lecture material. Contents are subject to changes.

  • Fr 17.10. Genomes -- do you know what you are sequencing? [PDF]
  • Fr 24.10. Omics -- be aware of the design! "Bioinformatics for Omics Data" editor Bernd Mayer, Chapter 8 "The use and Abuse of -omes" by Sonja Prohaska and Peter Stadler [book]
  • 31.10. Reformationstag
  • Fr 07.11. Sanger, Roche 454, Illumina/Solexa, SOLiD [PDF (1. Teil)]
  • Fr 14.11. library preperation, mate pairs, single molecule (Helicos, PacBio, Nanopore) [PDF (2. Teil)]
  • Fr 21.11. Multiplexing, Base calling, Quality Scoring [PDF]
  • Fr 28.11. Suffix treens and suffix arrays for read mapping (Peter Stadler) [PDF]
  • Fr 05.12. Mapping spliced reads (Peter Stadler) [PDF]
  • Fr 12.12. Sequencing DNA modifications (Jan Engelhardt) [PDF]
  • Fr 19.12. De Bruijn graphs and de novo Genome Assembly (Stephan Bernhart)
  • Fr 09.01. Determining interactions with sequencing [PDF]