Interaktionen von RNAs und Proteinen (Spezialvorlesung, Modul 10-202-2208)

Important: Callot models of biomolecules disapered from a glass jar in Sonja Prohaska's office. Please report to Sonja if you have any relevant information concerning the whereabout of these molecules.

This is a preliminary version of the lecture material. Contents are subject to changes.

  • Mo 07.4. Introduction [PDF]
  • Mo 14.4. DNA-protein interactions (SELEX, ChIP-seq) [PDF] and (Motif Expectation) [PDF]
  • 21.4. Easter
  • Mo 28.4. (Axel Wintsche) DNA-protein interactions (Motif Prediction) [PDF]
  • Mo 05.5. (Peter Stadler) RNA-protein interactions (transcripts, high-throughput sequencing) [PDF] (taken from a talk in Vienna 2013)
  • Mo 12.5. (Peter Stadler) non-coding RNAs (HuR, RNAz, CLIP-seq, PAR-CLIP) [PDF] and RNAz [PDF]
  • Mo 19.5. RNA-protein interaction (biological examples) Part I: [PDF] and Part II: [PDF]
  • Mo 26.5. RNA-RNA interactions (snoRNAs, PAR-CLIP, PLEXY) [PDF]
  • Mo 02.6. RNA-RNA interactions (RNAsnoop) [PDF]
  • 9.6. Pentecost
  • Mo 16.6. RNA-DNA Interactions (CARs, R-loops, ChIRP, DRIP-seq) [PDF]
  • Mo 23.6. DNA-DNA interactions (DNA-DNA:RNA triplexs, quadruplexes, Triplexator) [PDF]
  • Mo 30.6.