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BIOINF 12-001: Comparison of splice sites reveals that long non-coding RNAs are evolutionarily well conserved

Anne Nitsche, Dominic Rose, Mario Fasold, Kristin Reiche, and Peter F. Stadler

  • Gencode(v14) Human lncRNA Set (5,413 transcripts) [gencode.v14.lncRNAs.strictly_filtered.gtf] [view]
  • Human snoRNA Host Genes (73 transcripts) [snoRNA_hostGenes.gtf] [view]
  • Human miRNA Host Genes (128 transcripts) [miRNA_hostGenes.gtf] [view]
  • Zebrafish lncRNA Set (1,508 transcripts) [danRer7.Pauli_Ulitsky.bed] [view]
  • Mouse lncRNA Set (2,076 transcripts) [mm9.Guttman.bed] [view]
  • Supplement with additional color figures [[PDF]]
  • Our web service SpliceMaps provides access to several splice site maps and helps to easily visualize splice site conservation patterns.